Embodying The Aloha Spirit... And Cryptids w/ Alika Spahn Naihe

Episode 105 May 29, 2022 01:25:11
Embodying The Aloha Spirit... And Cryptids w/ Alika Spahn Naihe
Embodying The Aloha Spirit... And Cryptids w/ Alika Spahn Naihe

May 29 2022 | 01:25:11


Show Notes

Aloha! Welcome back to the podcast. Man, was it an honor to chat with Alika. Alika is an artist, graphic designer, as well as game developer who lives here on Oahu. I came across Alika through Tony Merkel's, "The Confessionals Podcast," as Alika does the artwork for Tony's show. We waste no time discussing what "Aloha" means to Alika, as well as the other locals; at the end of the day, it's about respect and gratitude. He then breaks down his role in giving back to the community, his art/business, as well as the story behind his new game, centered around war on ancient Hawai'i, and the weapons they used. It is at this point we deep dive into the esoteric, cryptid, and paranormal encounters and energetic resonance that lives on the islands (Night Marchers, Menehune/red-haired giants, ape/monkey spirits, and more.) No doubt there will be a part two to this conversation! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can find Alika: Instagram: @hauoli_art_alika

Website: hauoliart.com

Gaming website: https://theorycraftist.com/


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